Training & Tutorials:

Staffing Certification

Diana Lariviere provides a series of staffing tutorials for staffing “specialists” – usually 10 to 14 separate tutorials, each on a separate staffing-related issue – over a period of several weeks. These staffing tutorials may be conducted on site or via electronic media (teleconference, netmeeting, webex, etc.). These staffing tutorials are intended to supplement the “skeleton” overview that is presented during the Staffing Specialist courses of the Canada School of Public Service and allow participants the opportunity to focus on policies and procedures that are specific to their own organization.

For organizations that have implemented a requirement for staffing certification, Diana Lariviere provides a staffing file review service. Files are reviewed from both an administrative and a technical perspective, taking into account legislative requirements and central agency requirements, as well as organization-specific issues. The organization is provided with a written rationale on each file; and, at the request of the organization, staffing advisors may be provided with feedback on the quality of their staffing files.

Workshops are also available for staffing assistants.

Other courses / workshops:

  • Designing Statements of Merit
  • Selecting and Designing Assessment Tools
  • Conducting Candidate Assessment, with a view to “right fit”
  • Customer service;
  • Time management;
  • Effective communication;
  • Setting priorities.