Policy Development:

Increased delegation and accountability to the organizational level require the development of certain mandatory policies.

In addition, in order to increase accountability and to ensure compliance, many organizations have voluntarily developed and implemented additional (non-mandatory) policies and procedures related to other staffing activities.  This increased staffing authority and accountability has correspondingly increased the demands on corporate staffing personnel.

Diana Lariviere’s knowledge of central and external agency operations provides organizations with an efficient and cost-effective alternative to developing policies and procedures in-house -– an alternative which reduces the drain on the organization’s internal HR resources.

Our service involves a consultation process with the stakeholders, drafting of the policy itself, a review by the stakeholders and a presentation to senior management.

Drafting of these policies includes incorporating related on-line links to the central agencies, such as the Public Service Commission, Treasury Board / Office of the Chief Human Resource Officer and others, as applicable.