Collective Staffing

When a number of managers from the same organization, or from different organizations, are involved, the staffing activity becomes a “collective” which normally results in a “pool”; however, this does not prevent an individual manager from independently running an appointment process that may also result in a “pool”.

“Pool staffing” may fall into one of four generic types, which may evolve one into the other – specifically:

  • Fully qualified (no further assessment);
  • Essentially qualified (only essential qualifications are determined);
  • Partially qualified (any one or any number of qualifications are determined);
  • Inventory (a “cache” of potential candidates).

The term “collective staffing” is actually a misnomer for “pool staffing”. 

Challenges of Pool Staffing

The challenges of “pool staffing” (whether “collective” or “individual”) are multi-faceted – including (but not restricted to) … determining the most effective type of pool, bringing the various parties of a collective to agree on the content of the Statement of Merit Criteria, developing appropriate assessment tools and, the big challenge, volume management.
Through consultation with the stakeholders, CAWLAR Consulting will develop a comprehensive staffing plan, including:

  • Determining the appropriate type of pool
  • Governance (who will be responsible for what?)
  • Facilitating the development of the Statement of Merit Criteria
  • Identifying appropriate assessment tools
  • Determining a reasonable validity period
  • Establishing a “refresh” mechanism
  • Determining a viable communication strategy
  • Administration techniques
  • Volume management
  • Other

Diana Lariviere also has a presentation available on the “how to’s” of collective/pool staffing, directed primarily at staffing specialists, but also suitable for managers.