Investigations under section 15(3) of the Public Service Employment Act:

The current Public Service Employment Act (2003) has increased staffing delegation and accountability at the departmental level, providing the Deputy Head with the power to conduct internal investigations, as well as with the long-awaited authority to revoke appointments.

CAWLAR Consulting provides an arm’s length review of the concerns raised in connection with appointment processes.

CAWLAR Consulting also provides a comprehensive investigation into the staffing activity by reviewing the documentation on the staffing file, interviewing the delegated manager, interviewing the assessment committee members and collecting other data relevant to the investigation.

Once the data is collected and analyzed, Diana Lariviere provides a written and confidential report to the Deputy Head including:
  • A finding of facts;
  • Analysis of the situation;
  • Legislative and other relevant references.

And, at the direction of the Deputy Head, may also include:

  • Recommendations and commentary;
  • A final recommendation.

Our objective is to provide the Deputy Head with the requisite information to determine whether corrective action is required.